​​​​Hard & Private Money, Trust Deed, Cannabis Real Estate Financing


1st Access Capital is a direct private lender, sometimes referred to as hard money lenders, private money lenders, asset based lenders or trust deed lenders. As a private Trust Deed lending company, we have the capacity to be very flexible in our loan approvals.  Banks and institutional lenders are more concerned with a borrower's credit worthiness and documentation.  We on the other hand put more emphasis on the deal, the amount of dollars a borrower can put in the deal and the ability to repay the loan with a clearly defined exit strategy.

​Using a rigid set of lending criteria, 1st Access Capital positions its Real Estate secured loans to support a superior success rate. With requiring such a high equity buffer in our loans, we place our loans in a much safer position than others. We also lend on a short term basis, this means during market adjustments, our projects are completed and we are quickly onto the next project within the current market. We apply a heavy assessment on the subject property, this means we ensure the equity is there and the market will support the project. These are some of the reasons we have a formula for success.

​Here at 1st Access Capital you are in good hands. A core value of our company is that you are only as good as the team you surround yourself with. We ensure our documents are clean utilizing well versed Real Estate Attorneys. We have reputable Title & Escrow Companies process and insure our loans. We assess properties with experienced Appraisers, Real Estate Agents and Brokers. If we ever have to deal with Bankruptcy or foreclosure we have the team ready. Experienced borrowers are also a key to success. But, things do not always go perfectly as planned, that is why we have a team of consultants that can provide assistance to our projects as needed.

Risk Mitigation is how we help our loans achieve a high success rate. Here at 1st Access Capital we always look at the downside first, before we look at great profit. When we structure our projects to cover the downside potential, we can all be rewarded upon the closing of the project. Using our attorneys to ensure we are covered through clean loan documents. Using licensed escrow to manage lender requirements and project funding. Using Title to report on the property and insure our loans. Leveraging our consulting team to support the projects we fund. These are just a few but VERY important ways we mitigate our risks.

The concept of Trust Deed lending is quite simple. We use private capital to fund Real Estate backed loans. 1st Access Capital specializes in investment only loans and works with Real Estate investors who find great deals through foreclosure, short sale or other means.

Here's an example of a typical project:  A Real Estate Investor presents a real estate project worth $100,000 to 1st Access Capital for funding. We will only lend maximum 80% of the value of the property. That is a $80,000 loan to the project. The Real Estate Investor will manage the project, complete the needed updates, sell the home, payoff the loan and move on to the next project. We do this over and over again. These loans are typically 6, 12 to 24 months. If the borrower cannot pay off the loan, we then have a property with 60% equity. Pretty simple!

VERY IMPORTANT:   Here at 1st Access Capital, we do not wish to be rehabbers nor do we wish to be landlords and take back properties.  We will foreclose or accept a deed-in-lieu if necessary, but we prefer to create a situation via the way we structure our loans, where this type of situation is less likely to occur. 

In order to ensure that our borrowers are committed to the project, we require all borrowers to have "skin in the game". 
In other words, we will not finance deals where there is no "skin in the game" from the borrower, (i.e. For 80% financing of the entire project cost).  The borrower must have another investment, free and clear property they own to pledged as collateral, if the deal requires 100% financing. We're all about structuring safe conservative loans.

​1st Access Capital fulfills a niche banks and institutional lenders cannot.  And that niche is providing short-term/bridge financing within 7-10 days to real estate investors, flippers, and rehabbers who have really good deals that are TIME SENSITIVE.

Deals such as purchasing real estate at a 30%-50% discount, (i.e. foreclosures, short sales, etc.) and where a borrower is willing to put in a nominal down payment as skin in the project (typically 10%-20% of the loan amount + loan cost) alongside our investment.

If you’re thinking, why would anyone pay such a high interest rate? Well, look at it this way.

If you had the opportunity to purchase a house that's worth $500k for $250k but you had to act fast before some other Real Estate Investor beats you to it, does it really matter if you're paying 9.5% per annum​ ($1,875 monthly) on a project that takes you roughly 5-6 months to flip ($1,875 x 6 months = $11,250) with a potential profit of $250,000?

Here at 1st Access Capital, we are dedicated to you and all your different real estate and business lending needs. Our goal is to provide real estate investors, established business owners and start-ups with the needed capital to fund their projects and increase their returns via the use of leverage.