​​​​Hard & Private Money, Trust Deed, Cannabis Real Estate Financing


Could you do more deals each month if you had more money?

If you answered YES then you may have just found your very own personal real estate direct private lender that will partner with you and fund your deals.

One question we get all the time is what are we looking for in borrowers.  The first and foremost is experience! We want to see the borrower or your team have plenty of experience, at minimum 4 deals under your belt with supporting documents to back up your previous deals such as HUD-1 statements as well as before and after pictures of your previous completed projects. A lack of proof of those deals can affect your rates and how much funding the borrower can receive. 

1st Access Capital seeks out the BEST experienced rehab contractors in the business for rehab loans for non-owner occupied properties using private money. Qualified general contractors and rehabbers have the opportunity to build and expand their business, creating better cash flow by partnering with 1st Access Capital for short term, asset based rehab loans with minimal cash input and profit sharing.

The real estate investors that we have partnered with historically experience a SIGNIFICANTLY great return on their investment (ROI) and drastically improved their bottom line. If you are looking for a lender that understands what it takes to get your investor deals closed and has the money to loan, you are in the right place.  

1st Access Capital works exclusively with real estate investors by providing complete support through the real estate closing process.  When you succeed, we succeed and we do our best to create a win-win for everyone involved in the real estate investment deal.

As this is asset based loan financing, the underwriting criteria may be adjusted slightly for repeat borrowers who are highly experienced in rehabbing.  Good credit is not critical, but 1st Access Capital will review the borrower’s credit history and rehab experience prior to initial lending, and then periodically afterwards.  This offers flexibility for the borrower and safety for the rehab loan. We offer an alternative to traditional hard money lenders by truly understanding the needs of our borrowers.