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DON'T work hard for money, have your money work hard for YOU!

What if you had the opportunity to earn an additional $250-$1,000 or MORE a month

by simply putting your money to work?

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Helping Busy Professionals Earn A Great Return on Their Money

1st Access Capital provides a way to invest in real estate without having to maintain a real estate portfolio or do the time-consuming and difficult work of locating properties, securing financing, making repairs, finding tenants, managing properties and other landlording duties.  With an earned interest rate much higher than a conventional savings account, money market account or CDs, it's clear the earning potential of a trust deed investment can exceed that of more traditional ventures. Additionally, when the investment funds are from retirement account such as Roth IRAs, the earnings are tax-sheltered.


          ▪    A higher rate of return than parking your money in a savings account, CD or many other investments

          ▪    Your investment funds are secured by a physical asset(s) (real estate)

          ▪    Stable monthly interest income

          ▪    Preservation and return of capital

          ▪    Can be traded

          ▪    Liquid assets which sell easily if desired

          ▪   May be funded with retirement accounts

1st Access Capital protects you and your investment by finding and thoroughly pre-screening potential borrowers. We handle the workload and details to conduct a thorough analysis of the property value through recent market sales, listings, public records and title reports. We order a professional appraisal to ensure you have the most accurate property valuation. All properties are secured by a Deed of Trust/Mortgage, a Note, Title Insurance, and Escrow.  Our 1st Access Capital associates monitor the projects and stay in touch with the real estate rehabber/investors to provide feedback, assistance and ensure the protection of the investments.

Our 1st Access Capital administrative associates manage the many transactional details for you at no cost (the borrower pays for costs incurred in the process), including:

          ▪    Loan processing

          ▪    Opening escrow accounts

          ▪    Ordering Title

          ▪    Appraisals

          ▪    Loan payoffs

          ▪    Year-end accounting information for tax purposes

          ▪    Setting up the electronic automated payment system to provide your payments (ACH)

          ▪    Communicating with the borrower throughout

Providing funds for real estate rehabbers/investors allows them to buy distressed properties and provide numerous jobs to improve the community.  The community enjoys the increased value of renovated properties and home values, additional good rentals for people, and a sense of pride in a community that is improving.


The following are features of trust deed/mortgage investments that control the risks associated with private money investing – ensuring a superior return with low risk.

Excess Equity:

  • Our loans are typically structured at 80% or less of after repaired value (ARV) or loan to value (LTV) where the goal is to have a rehabilitated home whose sale exceeds the trust deed amount and repair costs.   The borrower has a great deal to lose if they default on the loan; the property could be taken away and they lose their own personal investment in the deal as we require all our borrowers to have their own cash invested in the deal. This keeps the borrower motivated to finish what they promised to do or risk losing their cash and property for defaulting on the loan.

Borrower's Money Down: 

  • As mentioned above, all of our professional real estate rehabbers/investors have either their own personal funds into the deal or a spread of equity in the transaction, serving as their personal guarantee and commitment that the trust deed payment is a priority.

Borrower's Escrowed Interest Payments: 

  • We require borrowers to impound (pre-pay) their interest payments upfront at closing and place them in escrow to ensure there is no interruption in the income payments of the loan. This adds an extra layer of safety and peace of mind for our money partners knowing that their income payments have been pre-paid.

No Pooling of Funds:

  • 1st Access Capital does not pool funds.  We do, however, occasionally participate in fractionalized trust deeds or mortgages (in which multiple investors contribute money toward the purchase of undivided interests in a trust deed) which gives the investor more control of the investment.

Non-Owner Occupied Properties Only: 

  • 1st Access Capital only lends money to non-owner occupied, 1-4 unit properties. Our clientele is limited to experienced, professional real estate rehabbers/investors.

Short Terms Loans:

  • The loans we issue on rehabilitated homes are short term loans, normally about twelve months or so.  This limits the risk of significant changes in the real estate market and allows a fairly liquid investment vehicle.

Choice of Investment:

  • As a money partner, you may choose from very conservative investments with good LTVs and excellent borrower credentials that offer more modest returns, or opt for slightly more riskier investments with higher returns. You can even own a fractionalized interest in notes with various risk profiles to diversify your investment in Trust Deeds.