No Tax Returns / No W-2's / 30 Year Loan Term-4.75 % Rate (5/1 ARM) & 30 Yr Fixed Rate, 1 -4 Fam


Loan Amounts:

Up to $2 Million, 1 Family & 2 Family Properties.

Up to $50 Million, 3 Family & 4 Family Properties.

Loan Purpose & Lending Areas:

Purchase, Refinance (Rate / Term and Cash Out).

Lending Areas: NY, NJ, CT, FL, MA.

Minimum Credit Score

(1 - 4 Family): 660 minimum mid-fico score. Borrower's with no credit scores are accepted into this program at 5% less than our ltv requirements (For our purpose, "no score" is defined as "no score at all or only 1 score from the 3 credit bureaus").

Property Types:

1 to 4 Family and Condominium's. 

Loan To Value

(1 to 4 Family/Property in Personal Name): Up to 65% LTV; Up to 70% LTV with 700+ mid-credit score. (Up to 80% LTV, please review our No Income Loan Program listed below).

(3 to 4 Family/Property in an LLC): 60% LTV

Interest Rate / Terms:

(1-2 Family): 5.625%, 5 Year Fixed (5/1 ARM), 30 Year Loan Term., 30 Year Amortization. No Prepayment Penalty.

(3-4 Family): 5.625%, 5 Year Fixed (5/1 ARM), 30 Year Loan Term, 30 Year Amortization, No Prepayment Penalty.

4.75%, 30 Year Fixed Rate, No Prepayment Penalty (This rate is available only if subject property is under an LLC, borrower has  a mid fico score of 680 & 3 to 4 family properties only).

1st Access Capital Advantages:

No Tax Returns, No W2's, No Paystubs, Only 1 Latest Bank Statement, Large Bank Deposits Do Not Need To Be Sourced Or Seasoned, Borrowers With No Credit Scores Are OK, No Prepayment Penalty, 4.75% to 5.625% Rate/30 Year Term, No Cash Out Cap Restrictions On Refinance Transactions. 

No Income Documentation / 30 Year Fixed Rate Loan Term - Rates As Low As 5.99% / 1 to 4 Family


This loan program is meant  for the borrower/investor that already owns a property and is seeking  to purchase a rental investment property. It is also meant for the borrower/investor that is seeking to refinance a rental investment 1 to 4 family property for "Rate & Term - 30 Year Loan Term" Or "Refinance Cash Out Purposes".

Under this loan program, there is only a "One Month Seasoning Requirement", which means that after purchasing your investment property, you would be allowed to refinance out only after one month and at the current market appraised value. You would not have to wait 12 months as is the case with other lenders.

Loan Amounts:

$100,000 to $2.5 Million. 

Loan Purpose & Lending Areas:

Purchase, Refinance (Rate / Term and Cash Out).

Lending Areas: All States Except: AK,AZ,DE,HI,ID,MN,NE,NV,ND,OR,RI,SD,VT.

The Following are the only states where property must be in an LLC or Corp.: GA,NY,MA,VA.

Minimum Credit Score:

Minimum 640 mid-fico score. 

Property Types:

Non-Owner Occupied 1 to 4 Family Investment / Rental. 

Loan To Value:

Up To 80% of Purchase Price / As-Is Value.

Up To 80% Refinance No Cash Out.

Up To 75% Refinance With Cash Out.

Interest Rate / Terms:

Rates starting at 5.99%.

(Term Option #1): 30 Year Fixed Rate

(Term Option #2): 5/1 ARM - 30 Year Loan Term

(Term Option #3): 7/1 ARM - 30 Year Loan Term

1st Access Capital Advantages:

No Income Documentation, 30 Year Fixed Rate Option, Only 1 Month Seasoning After Purchase, Up To 80% LTV, Rates As Low As 5.99%.