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Our Services

Making the Complex Simple Through Total Management
1st Access Capital was formed to fill the growing need of private-money lending. We are involved with trust deed investments in a variety of forms, including Individual note and deed, and fractionalized deeds.

Managing All Details of Trust Deed Investing
The process of trust deed investing is complicated. That’s why, at 1st Access Capital, we’re involved in all facets of the process – from initial sourcing and underwriting of borrower loans, to final servicing of loans and disposition of the investment. We handle all the necessary closing documentation, title work, property valuation, and underwriting review for each note and deed investment. We have each loan managed and serviced, including escrow or closing attorney disbursements on construction draws.

1st Access Capital makes investing in real property simple!

Investments to Fit Investor Goals
Trust deed investing not only allows investors to diversify their investment portfolios, it offers them the opportunity to invest in real estate – an option that generally yields higher returns over traditional stocks and bonds. Whether investors want short-term investments, long-term investments, single-property investments or diversified investments over multiple properties, we can tailor our deed of trust investment programs to individual investor objectives and goals.