A property appraisal is one of the advantages of trust deed/mortgage investing in that you, the private money investor, get to review every deal to determine the level of risk and return with which you are comfortable. The basic process for investing in trust deed investments are outlined below.

Step 1:  1st Access Capital sends out a short summary of the deal to our money partner investors.

Step 2:  Investors who are interested in the deal and wish to invest respond with the amount of funds they would like to investment. Investors may choose to take title in their personal name, in the name of their business entity (such as a corporation, LLC, LLP, etc.), or through their custodian for self-directed retirement plan funds.

Step 3:  1st Access Capital will provide for investor’s review upon request, specific documents and information used in evaluating the property as an investment opportunity.   Items sent may include all or some of the following:

  • Property Photos

  • Copy of Preliminary Title Report

  • Borrower Biography

  • Borrower Renovation Plans and Cost Estimates

  • Prefunding Summary

  • Prior to wiring funds to closing attorney/escrow you will receive the following documents:

  • Draft of Promissory Note

  • Draft of Deed of Trust

  • Draft of Collateral Assignment of Deed of Trust (if applicable)

  • Draft of Trust Agreement (if applicable)

  • Prefunding Deal Spec Sheet (summarized numbers of deal)

  • Lender Escrow Or Closing Instructions

  • Wire Transfer Instructions

Step 4: The borrower signs all documents and closing attorney/escrow prepares to close the loan and insure clear title and record documents.  At this time you will be notified to complete the wire transfer. This is the final step, as escrow does not want to incur extra interest.  After recording, the original documents or copies of the signed applicable documents will be forwarded to the investor or the loan servicing company.

Step 5:  Upon receipt of all funds and required documents, the deal is funded and the rehab work will commence. The property and rehab work is closely monitored by 1st Access Capital to ensure all work is being accomplished in a timely and professional manner according to the planned rehab schedule.

Step 6:  Interest payments on the Note are paid to you, your business, or your IRA custodian monthly, quarterly, or after the loan is repaid, depending on the terms of the deal. Periodic updates on the progress of the property will be sent to investors.

Step 7:  Upon completion of the repairs and upgrades, sale of property and close of escrow, the closing attorney/escrow company distributes all monies due to investors.

The underlying rehab loan is continually serviced and monitored until payoff. At that time, we execute and coordinate all paperwork to release the lien and we distribute your principal and earnings back to you.

Getting Started

If you like the idea of becoming a private money investor with a rewarding partnership with 1st Access Capital and getting a higher rate of return on your money, then contact us!  We’ll listen to you, discuss your investment goals, and outline the ideal private investments to suit your needs – then we’ll go to work.

You’ll be added to our investor list and notified as the investment opportunities are available.  Even if you have questions, please call us! We’ll be happy to answer your questions about the benefits and features of becoming a private investor with 1st Access Capital.




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